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JK Labour card registration 2022

JK Labour card registration 2022: Jammu & Kashmir department of labor now accepts online applications for labor registration. After successfully filling out the online applications, the department scrutinizes the application and releases labor cards. This article explains all about the process for applying for labor cards in J&K. If you are interested to get a new labor card, you must fulfill all eligibility conditions and apply properly. Let’s not waste time and get started right away.

Labour cards are only offered to registered laborers. Migrant or J&K workers, both need to get registered first.

J&K Labour Card & Construction worker Registration

Eligibility :

  • Applicant should have completed 18 years and age must not exceed 50 years
  • Applicant should be engaged in any construction or building work for at least 3 months in the last 12 months

Which documents are required for J&K Labour registration

Along with the application, the applicant needs to attach the required documents. These are:

  1. Age certificate
  2. Identity and Address proof
  3. Employment certificate
  4. Bank passbook
  5. Ration card

JK Employment certificate

Many applicants are not sure about how to obtain an employment certificate. It is required to get your labor card, so skipping it is not possible. To obtain your certificate of employment, you need to fill in the form and submit it to the concerned officer. The concerned person will seal and sign the certificate and hand it over to you. You can then submit this certificate with your labor card application.

Who can apply for a JK Labour card registration 2022

Stonecutter, stone breaker, stone crusher Mason or bricklayer
Carpenter Painter or varnisher
Fitter, bar bender Plumber
Electrician Mechanic
Well sinker Welder
Mazdoor Sprayman or mixer man
Wooden or stone packer Pump operator
Mixer driver Roller driver
Khalasi or Sarang The watchman at construction sites
Mosaic polisher Tunnel worker
Marble/stoneworker Rock breaker, quarry worker
Road worker Earth workers connected with construction work
Workers engaged in processing lime Workers engaged in erosion work
Any other category of workers engaged in the construction or maintenance of dams, bridges, or building operations Brick manufacture

JK Labour card registration – JK New Labour Card Form 2022

Recently the jkbocw department has started an online registration facility for all those who want to register as a laborer in the state. This great initiative has now simplified the whole process. The whole registration process is a 5 step process, these are:

  1. Filling Basic details
  2. Filling family details
  3. Uploading required documents
  4. Previewing the filled-in form
  5. Payment submission

Before you complete these 5 steps, make sure you get registered on the knowledge portal.

  • The first step for the applicants is to get registered on the know website.
  • First of all, visit the website user registration page
JK Labour card registration 2022
  • Enter the applicant’s name, district, mobile number, and OTP
  • Click on verify OTP & Submit
  • Once you have the username and password, you need to visit the login page and get logged in by providing the username and password
JK Labour card registration 2022
  • Once logged in, you need to fill in the construction worker registration form. In the menu section, click on the registration form link & fill in the basic details
JK Labour card registration 2022
  • The application number will be generated automatically after you fill in the personal details
  • The basic details section also asks for information like Job card number, established details, etc
  • Then in the next section, you need to fill in the family details like family member name, Aadhaar number, Age, bank account details, etc
JK Labour card registration 2022
  • Now, move to the next step where you need to upload the required documents
  • Upload each required document and click on submit
  • Then you can preview the filled-in application form. If all is good, “Click on generate challan” in the payment section
JK Labour card registration 2022
  • Save the challan form and submit it to the bank
  • Fill in the challan number and upload the challan file and click on “Submit”
JK Labour card registration 2022
  • Now you need to wait till your application is verified by the department.

J&K Labour Card / Construction Worker Application Status Check

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you need to wait till it is approved. You can use the status-checking facility to check your registration status. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Just login to your account
  • Go to the worker registration page
  • Click on “Registration Status” to know the current status of your application

How to Download JK Labour Card

After your application is approved by the department, you need to log in to your account. There you need to go to the Construction worker section and click on the registration form. This registration form then appears on the screen and it contains the construction worker application number. This approved registration form along with the application number is your labor card. It can be used as a labor card wherever asked.

JK Construction Worker Card FAQs

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